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Last week, my soon-to-be-bride niece dropped by to watch our wedding video. While watching, my niece, who is planning her wedding, asked how different videography packages have become recently. 

It can be confusing for clients to hear about different videography styles days before the wedding. As an expert in this industry, it is my job to break down each sector.

Guiding my niece through selecting the perfect plan made me wonder how many of you must have the same questions. Discover the A-to-Z of what is included in wedding videography and learn how to choose the right wedding videographer, 

As a bonus, learn what to ask before selecting and what to look for. Explore wedding videography pricing, packages, and more. 


Understanding Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is a lot more than documenting current happenings. It is the process of recording people’s genuine emotions. From getting ready shots to the laughter of the dance floor, wedding videography captures it all. 

Happy couple on their wedding day

Before you head out looking for a videographer for your big day, understanding the basics of wedding videography is essential. But first, you must decide what style of videography you would like: cinematic, documentary, or traditional. 


Cinematic Wedding Videography

I remember the initial days of recording cinematic wedding videography for my clients. They loved the outcome and enjoyed the social media attention after the upload. 

A cinematic wedding videographer uses filmmaking techniques in wedding videography, and that is the main essence of its massive popularity. It is known as luxury wedding videography.

We use high-quality equipment to capture cinematic wedding videos. Camera lenses, lights, drones, and stabilizers are all used to achieve a crisp and precise outcome. 

Couple posing for cinematic wedding videography shot

The high-resolution, 4K footage looks movie-like, and the storytelling technique showcases the couple’s love story just like in the movies.  The length of the video is comparatively shorter and involves post-production editing for a more appealing result. 

Cinematic wedding videography combines creative editing, artistic shots, and professional sound. Additionally, we incorporate candid shots, voice-overs, and interviews to add more structure, depth, and emotion to the video. 


Documentary Wedding Videography

Documentary-style wedding videography captures the natural and candid moments of the wedding day. We focus on recording the real emotions rather than directing the moment.

Instead of creating a vibe, we film the couple and the people around them as they are without any external intervention. We do not use filmmaking techniques in document wedding videography; no heavy, high-tech camera or post-production is required. 

People enjoying a family wedding

There are minimum staged and posed shots. However, we sometimes record interview sequences to add to the video for some personal effects. There are little to no special or sound effects; only natural sound is used, including vows and speeches.

Our team uses high-quality microphones and audio recorders to record real-time audio for the documentary wedding videography. The duration of these videos is longer and involves less editing.


Traditional Wedding Videography

You probably saw this in your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding video. Traditional wedding videography includes straightforward shots with no camera angle or movement difference. 


We focus on taking more posed shots rather than capturing candid moments, and there are more group photos and couple portraits. The poses are formal, and we tend to guide the guests for the shots. 

A photo captured during traditional wedding videography

Traditional wedding videography does not include effects or editing. The entire program is recorded from start to finish with tripods to stabilize camera movements. There are no cinematic shots or differences in lighting. The video remains consistent throughout. 

All the notable shots are captured, such as a bride walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, cutting cake, etc., to present comprehensive footage of the day. Traditional wedding videos are longer and include reception shots and extended clips. 

Unlike cinematic and documentary styles, traditional wedding videography does not concentrate on capturing the perfect sounds, but you will get clear audio of the crucial moments.


It is a more straightforward and classic take on wedding videography for couples who love to keep it simple. 


Importance of Wedding Videography

Our wedding video brings back the moments we lived years ago. Most of you would agree that having a wedding videographer was worth every penny. 

Wedding CD is a huge nostalgia for the generation before us

As I said in the beginning, my niece insists on watching our tape after all these years. Similarly, someday, my niece will share the same feelings with her upcoming generation. Wedding videos are like time machines that can transport us to the best moments we once shared with our loved ones. 


Wedding videography preserves your memories in real time, allowing you to see unseen details of the day. It also captures decoration and other details that you can rewatch throughout your life. 


You can send the video to your loved ones who were absent on the day. With the professional touch of a wedding videographer and added voiceovers and sound effects, your memories become even more special. 


What is Included in the Wedding Videography Package

The criteria for wedding videography change depending on the packages we offer. Some couples do not need pre-wedding services, while others do. It is not a one-size-fits-all situation; hence, we arrange multiple wedding videography packages for couples with different needs.

Couple discussing wedding plans with videographer in their office

Couple discussing wedding plans with videographer in their office


Pre-wedding Services

  • Consultation

Getting married is a huge milestone in everyone’s life, and trusting someone to document the event is a massive decision. This is where pre-wedding services enter.

We consult with you about your needs and describe our services to clearly understand your expectations. We also learn about the location, your budget, and the key moments you want us to capture. 


  • Engagement Shoot 

If you have agreed on a package and want a pre-wedding shoot (engagement shoot), this falls under our pre-wedding services. This shoot helps camera-shy couples open up before the lenses and get to know our videographers better. 

Behind the scene of a wedding

Looking back on my wedding, I wish I had planned an engagement shoot. My only memory of my engagement is a picture of us cherishing the “Yes, I will” moment. A proper shoot with a camera and crew would have been much better. 


Wedding Day Coverage

  • Pre-Ceremony 

The pre-ceremony moments include getting ready shots, behind-the-scenes videography, ring, venue decoration, and guests arriving shots.

It also records the bride and groom’s anticipation for the event. Depending on the style of videography you choose, the outcome may vary, but the recording and the emotion in the scene will remain the same.  

  • Ceremony

This is the most anticipated part of wedding videography. Depending on which videography style you choose, we capture the ceremony from start to finish. This includes the walk down the aisle, vows, ring ceremony, and first kiss. 

We can use different camera angles, provide adequate lighting setup, capture cinematic shots, and make the most of the venue’s decorations and arrangements. 

  • Post-Ceremony

Post-ceremony coverage includes congratulations from the family. We try to capture candid shots, group shots, and other traditions your family follows. We can also add interviews and portrait shots during this part.

  • Reception

Is it true that the real fun begins at the reception? Regardless, I enjoy recording the reception part of the wedding the most.

This includes capturing the grand entrance of the newlyweds, the first dance, recording toasts and speeches, food, dancing, cake cutting, and more. 


Not to forget parents’ dance, guest dance, bouquet toss, and any other program your new family might have. 

family dancing at a wedding reception. Picture captured by wedding videographer)

Post-wedding services

  • Editing

The post-wedding work of wedding videography includes editing, adding special effects and sound, cutting and assembling the footage, adding effects, color correction, background music, sound effects, etc. 

  • Wedding Trailer

Wedding trailers are an integral part of recent wedding videography. The short video shows the key moments of the day with a song of your choice. It is trendy to share it on social media. 

  • Full Video

Depending on your package, we can deliver the final video in a week or a month. The video covers the entire day and features background music, sometimes special effects, and extensive editing. 


Additional Services

Your wedding videography can include additional services (included in the wedding videographer’s cost). These services include drone shots, a love story video, instant editing for the guests to enjoy the video over a projector, and pre-wedding interviews. 

Price of a Wedding Videographer

It is difficult to mention the exact price of a wedding videographer since they offer different packages. Some packages are customized, which means they are charged outside the package details. 


At DC Media, we offer a straightforward package plan that covers your big day from start to finish.


The package includes shots of bridal preparations, guest and groom arriving shots, meet and greet, video and photo session coverage, reception coverage, dining hall, speeches, and dances.


We provide cinematic highlights of 3 to 5 minutes; the final video can be around 90 to 120 minutes. You can directly contact us or visit the DC Media website for more details and package details.


Choosing the Right Wedding Videographer

Knowing all these details about wedding videography is not enough if you can’t find the right videographer for your big day. Before you visit their office, go through the videographer’s website and look for real reviews, testimonials, and experience. 


What to Ask Your Videographer? 

After you are satisfied with their online presence, visit the videographer’s office to ask your queries face-to-face. Make a list of questions regarding their experience, details of photography and videography packages for weddings, additional or hidden charges, etc. 

A professional videographer smiling at his client

You can reference this set of questions that prospects ask in my office. I hope this helps. 

  • What is their filming style (cinematic, traditional, or documentary)?
  • Ask for samples of their recent work,
  • Equipment details, 
  • If they worked in the same venue or similar atmosphere, 
  • How much does wedding videography cost
  • Details of different packages with cost,
  • Discuss your requirements and ideas,
  • Is advance payment required, 
  • Expected delivery time, 
  • Cancellation and return policy, 
  • Is transport fees included in the package, 
  • Post-production time and details. 


What to Look for in Your Wedding Videographer? 

When they answer all your questions, you will know about their professionalism and experience. If they are transparent and confident about their work, proceed further.

what are the things to look for in your wedding videographer

Make sure the videographer you choose has the following criteria: 

  • Extensive experience in wedding videography, 
  • The style of their work matches your expectations, 
  • Have enough good reviews and references, 
  • Have a creative outlook and interested in learning more, 
  • Prioritizes your decision over theirs, 
  • Have up-to-date equipment and skills to perform the task, 
  • The price list and package details match your budget, 
  • Post-production and delivery time, 
  • Detailed and clear contract plan, 
  • Provides additional services (e.g., drone footage, same-day edit, etc.). 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is included in wedding videography packages?

Wedding videography packages include coverage of the whole event, including the ceremony and reception, or you can choose one of two. You can also choose to get a wedding video trailer, pre-wedding preparation footage, drone shots, and more according to your package. 

Do videographers cover both the ceremony and reception?

Yes, depending on your package, your videographer will cover both the ceremony and reception. If you have agreed to record the whole event, they can provide the services. 

How long do videographers stay at a wedding?

Videographers can stay half or an entire day with you, depending on your contract. If you signed up for a half-day, they can stay for about 6 hours or for 12 hours if you agreed for a whole day. Some videographers work on an hourly basis, so their charges and timings vary as well. 

Is drone footage included in wedding videography?

Drone footage is not always included in wedding videography. However, you can ask your videographer to bring a drone to capture drone footage, which will require additional charges. 

Can we add our own song to the wedding video?

Yes, most videographers allow their clients to choose songs or music of their choice. Some even have their own playlist to choose from. 


Seeing your wedding day down the line should bring back all the amazing memories of the day. That will only be possible with the help of a good videographer. Hence, choosing the perfect one is very important.  These footage are footprints of the love you share with your partner for the upcoming generations. First, understand your preference and budget, then look for a videographer who aligns with your requirements. 

There should be no hidden or extra charges, and ensure they have the equipment and skill to take responsibility successfully. You can contact DC Media for any other questions. We provide world-class wedding videography with competitive package plans for your big day. 

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