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Wedding Videography: Blending into the Crowd

irish wedding films dc mediaWhen you hire someone to do your wedding videography, you are not inviting another guest, nor are you looking for someone to run the show. What you want is someone to do their job in the least intrusive manner possible, without interrupting the ceremony or disrupting the guests. You do not want your guests to feel uneasy because a camera is in their faces, nor do you want twenty minutes of what amounts to your cousin Niamh’s “audition” reel as she mugs for the camera. You want someone who will blend in and be completely out of the way, capturing the pure and unadulterated emotion of the day.

Wedding Videography: Blending into the Crowd

Wedding videography is not an afterthought, not just an extra that you think of at the last moment. To ensure that you will have the best person for the job, it is highly advisable that you book as soon as you have confirmed all of the necessary details. Having a well shot, well edited video is a loving and lovely reminder of your special day and can be a cherished moment that you share on your anniversary for years to come.

The person who does your wedding videography must be highly trained with an artistic eye to catch all of the precious details that will make your video even more special to you. No one else can ever have the same wedding that you did- it can never be recreated at all. No matter what happens in the rest of your life, this one special day should be captured perfectly and wonderfully so that it will live on forever on a special, one of a kind DVD.

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