wedding videographer

wedding videographer

The perfect wedding

The perfect wedding is what every bride dreams of. Man and woman meet, fall in love and begin the wedding process. Then the moment arises that the bride has really been waiting for: the planning of each tiny but significant wedding detail. She finds the perfect cake; she tries on the dress, and picks out the groom’s ring, the band, the reception hall. She remembers it all, including the most important detail of all: the wedding videographer.

wedding day videography

The wedding day comes and goes even faster than the couple is told it will go so they try to grasp onto every moment not to forget a second of it. She wants to remember the satin one of kind gown, the best man’s toast, and even when the groom nervously drops her wedding ring on the ground before he slips it on his bride’s finger. Luckily, Irish Wedding Videos of DC Media, Ireland’s leading wedding videographer is filming every second. When she’s dancing with the flower girls, listening to her husband laugh about old times with his groomsmen and sharing that first bite of cake as husband and wife, the videographer was behind her, in front of her and to the side of her, discreetly recording every moment. After the day has passed, they work diligently to make certain her wedding video is edited, composed and reconfigured to exceed the highest of expectations. They expect nothing less and will prove it with a well polished DVD. Prompt and efficient as well, the wedding videographer presents you with your finished product, a compilation of your most cherished wedding moments.

The videographer stays hidden in the backdrop throughout the entire wedding day. When she’s preoccupied with the details of the wedding dress and when to start walking down the aisle, DC Media is one step ahead of her, covering her every move. They’re professional and artistic while never missing a beat. They see what she cannot: the groom’s facial expressions while he waits for her entrance down the aisle; the officiate preparing his final thoughts; the guests whispering in anticipation for the bride’s arrival. She knows there has never been a more perfect day to catch on film than today.

Since the videographer plays such a crucial role on your wedding day, why wouldn’t you get only the best? Why would you settle for anything less than Irish Wedding Videos of DC Media? As Ireland’s leading wedding videographer in Dublin, DC Media guarantees your complete satisfaction and produces a thoroughly edited, artistic and professional DVD. Specializing in weddings, DC Media promises to create a one of a kind gift that allows you to watch your wedding day time and time again. By going to their website at you can see for yourself by accessing video samples, details on various wedding packages and testimonials from past clients. Whether you are the bride herself or attending as a guest, there is no better gift to give than a wedding DVD that keeps on giving.

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