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Wedding Day Videography: The Best Way to Get Your Memories on Film

Wedding Day Videography

There are many options to getting your wedding day memories on film or DVD. There is the hire a relative to do your wedding day videography, but that can often backfire on you. There is the have everyone snap photos with disposable cameras option. Either bride or groom could do the job. Or, you could hire a portrait painter to do the task.

Hiring a relative to do your wedding day videography is not a very good idea, because you can’t be disappointed by their job and you certainly cannot shout at them, if they do not do a good job.

Are you going to be thrilled when you get an hour long DVD of the back of Aunt Maude’s tacky hat and the slight buzzing sound of snoring from your erstwhile camera operator? Handing out the disposable cameras will backfire as well because think of it: you give out twenty or thirty of the things, hoping to get back the majority of them filled with lovely shots of the happy couple and the bridal party.

Wedding Day Videography: The Best Way to Get Your Memories on Film

Of the thirty you actually get back 25. Five of these disposable cameras have been tucked into purses and overcoats to bring home for other events. Of the 25 you have received back, maybe half or so actually have any shots of the happy couple on them at all. The others are filled with cousin Elaine’s new baby and some little blonde you are not even sure you know. Having the bride or groom do it would mean that they are not focusing on their own wedding ceremony. And, having a portrait painter is just a silly idea; this is not the eighteenth century after all.

The better option is to hire a professional to handle your wedding day videography from the start. Someone who is qualified, experienced and has the right blend of artistic detail and professional expertise.

Perhaps, a company such as Irish Wedding Films who are professionals in every way, with an eye for detail, and a myriad of experience behind them.