The Top Ten Things to Look at When Choosing a Wedding Videographer

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All brides want every detail to be perfect on their wedding day, especially their wedding videography. A wedding DVD is a video reminder of the entire day and is meant to last an entire lifetime, so only the best wedding videographer will do.

The Top Ten Things to Look at When Choosing a Wedding Videographer

1. Experience. The wedding videographer should be able to say that he or she has been in business for at least a year or more so that you know that he is likely to be there on your own big day.

2. Expertise. Some people manage to get by in business because they are the cheapest or because they are the only one of the kind in the area. You want the videographer who is the best.

3. Satisfied customers. Ask to see a sample of a wedding DVD so that you can see examples of the work and you know that you have the same vision in mind for your own wedding DVD.

4. Friendly staff. A bride may make a list of a million things and occasionally will panic and redo everything. An experienced videographer understands this and is able to deal with the quirks of the nervous bride with professionalism and understanding.

5. State of the art equipment. Knowing that the videographer has the latest equipment is important, So you should check this with your videographer.

6. Availability. A busy videographer is a good thing; one who is so swamped that they can never return a phone call is not.

7. Knowledgeable of the area. A good local wedding videographer in Dublin will know the best locations for a shot whether they are in Dublin, or anywhere else.

8. Well rounded. A videographer who only shoots wedding videos might be going through the motions and not learning new techniques and new angles.

9. Within your budget. If you are dipping into the honeymoon fund to pay for the videographer, there might be a problem.

10. Eager and excited about his work, even after many years.

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