Types Of Wedding Videography: An All-Inclusive Guide For You

“Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite.” Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Have you ever wondered how to capture every precious moment perfectly? The answer lies in choosing the right type of wedding videography.

Indeed, our data shows that 9 out of 10 couples hire a photographer for their big day. The average amount couples spend on a wedding videographer in Ireland for 2024 is €2200-€3000.

Thankfully, this guide will explain different types of wedding videography, like traditional, cinematic, documentary, and storytelling. We’ll highlight the unique features and benefits of each style. You will also get tips on choosing the best one for your special day.

We aim to make your decision easy and capture your wedding memories just as you imagine. With years of experience in the wedding industry, we know the art of wedding videography and are here to help.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know which videography style suits your wedding best. 

Let’s get started.

Traditional Wedding Videography

A videographer filming a bride and groom during their wedding day

Traditional wedding videography captures the ceremony and reception in a classic, straightforward style. It typically includes key moments such as the vows, speeches, and first dance, providing a timeless record of the day.

Unique Features

Traditional wedding videographers make sure to capture all the important moments. They perfectly frame special events like exchanging vows and the first kiss. This style captures the bride and groom’s portraits, family group shots, and key ceremonial moments. The chronological coverage captures every key event in order, telling the full story of the wedding day.


Traditional wedding videography offers many benefits:

  • Captures All Key Moments: They record every important part of your wedding day. From the vows to the first dance, they capture every cherished moment without missing a beat. You know, they create dreamy moments for you.
  • Simple Editing: The linear format makes editing easier. Editors follow the event sequence to create a smooth final video.
  • Timeless Appeal: Traditional videography offers a classic feel. The formal shots and structured format create lasting memories.
  • Simplicity and Reliability: This style is easy. Couples know what to expect, with less room for unexpected changes.

Why It’s Still Popular?

Traditional wedding videography remains popular for several reasons:

  • Familiar and Comfortable: Many couples feel comfortable with this style. It’s a familiar approach that puts everyone at ease.
  • Complete Coverage: They follow a chronological order to capture all key events.
  • Detailed Record: This style provides a detailed record of the wedding day.

By choosing traditional wedding videography, couples can be confident that their memorable day will be documented timelessly and professionally. This style remains a favourite because it combines thorough coverage with elegant presentation.

Cinematic Wedding Videography

Cinematic wedding videography is gaining popularity among modern couples. This style transforms wedding videos into artistic films. It focuses on dramatic shots, music, and special effects to create a movie-like experience. 

In 2024, cinematic wedding videography is a top trend. Many couples prefer this style for its artistic and emotional qualities. Using cinematic tools, like drones, adds a unique perspective to wedding videos.

Unique Features

Cinematic wedding videography stands out with its dramatic shots. Videographers use creative angles, lighting, and slow-motion effects to enhance the visual appeal. Music plays a crucial role, adding emotional depth to the video. Special effects, like colour grading and transitions, further elevate the film’s quality.


  • High Production Value: Cinematic wedding videos look like professional films. The use of high-quality equipment and editing techniques ensures a polished final product.
  • Emotional Appeal: The combination of music and dramatic shots creates an emotional connection. Couples can relive their exciting day with heightened emotions.
  • Personalized Storytelling: Cinematic videographers focus on telling the couple’s amazing story. They capture not just the events but the emotions and personalities involved.
  • Modern Appeal: This style is trendy and resonates well with younger couples. It’s perfect for sharing on social media, where high-quality content stands out.

Why It’s Trending?

  • Artistic Quality: Couples appreciate the artistic approach of cinematic videography. It turns a simple wedding video into a beautiful film.
  • Social Media Friendly: High-quality, cinematic videos are perfect for sharing on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.
  • Emotional Resonance: Combining music, effects, and storytelling creates a powerful emotional impact.
  • Advanced Technology: Using drones and high-end cameras offers stunning visuals that traditional videography can’t match.

So, cinematic wedding videography is more than just capturing moments. It’s about creating a film that tells the couple’s surprising story. This style’s dramatic shots, music, and special effects provide a high production value and emotional appeal.

Documentary Style Wedding Videography

A videographer capturing candid moments of a couple's wedding day.

Documentary style wedding videography captures the essence of the wedding day with minimal interference. It focuses on real moments and tells the couple’s story in a natural, authentic way.

Unique Features

Documentary style wedding videography expresses your day with candid moments. Videographers capture genuine interactions without staging or directing. We all love this type of videography. Right? This style emphasises storytelling, weaving together various elements to create a coherent narrative. The approach is hands-off, allowing events to unfold naturally without intrusion.


  • Authentic and Natural Feel: This style captures the true essence of the wedding day. The focus on candid moments ensures a genuine representation of the event.
  • Real Emotion: By avoiding staged shots, this approach captures real emotions. The joy, laughter, family bond and tears are all recorded as they happen.
  • Minimal Interference: Videographers blend into the background, allowing the couple and guests to enjoy the day without constant direction.
  • Storytelling Approach: The final video tells only your story. It inFcludes not just the main events but also the small, meaningful moments that make your day extraordinary.

Why It’s Gaining Popularity?

  • Genuine Feel: Couples love the authenticity of documentary-style videos.
  • Stress-Free Experience: Minimal direction allows everyone to enjoy the day without feeling self-conscious.
  • Modern Appeal: The documentary style aligns with contemporary tastes for authenticity and real-life storytelling.
  • Complete Narrative: This style provides a full view of the wedding. It includes the major events and the subtle, intimate moments.

However, documentary style wedding videography offers a refreshing approach to capturing weddings. It focuses on real, candid moments and tells the couple’s story authentically. This style’s popularity grows as more couples seek a true reflection of their special day. It’s best for those wanting a natural and heartfelt wedding video.

Storytelling Wedding Videography

A wedding videographer interviewing the bride and groom for their wedding story.

Storytelling wedding videography transforms wedding videos into compelling narratives. It focuses on weaving a personal story that resonates with the couple and their loved ones.

Also, great speeches, love letters, and story-driven vows add depth and personal touches.

Unique Features

Storytelling wedding videography stands out with its narrative structure. Videographers use personal interviews to capture the couple’s voices and add voiceovers to enhance the story. This approach turns the wedding video into a unique and engaging film. A 5-7 minute video is ideal for a typical 10-hour wedding. It captures the essence without being too long. This longer format allows for more detailed storytelling, like the beautiful journey of Herdik and Flora.


  • Creates a Personalized Story: This style goes beyond capturing events. It tells the couple’s exceptional story, making the video more meaningful.
  • Engages Viewers: The story structure keeps viewers engaged. Personal interviews and voiceovers add depth and emotion.
  • Emotional Connection: This style creates a strong emotional connection by focusing on the couple’s journey. Everyone feels more involved in the story.
  • Memorable Keepsake: The storytelling approach makes the wedding video more than just a record of the day. It turns it into a memorable keepsake that reflects the couple’s personality.

Why It’s Trending?

  • Narrative Structure: This style organises the video into a cohesive story, making it more engaging.
  • Personal Interviews: Interviews with the couple and loved ones add depth and personalisation.
  • Voiceovers: Adding voiceovers helps narrate the story and connect different video parts.
  • Emotional Impact: The focus on storytelling creates an emotionally impactful and memorable video. Every married couple can relate to it. 

Storytelling wedding videography offers a unique and engaging way to document your exciting day. An 8-10 minute Expanded Cinematic Film is perfect for couples wanting a more extensive film.

Quick Overview Of Videography Styles

At DC Media, we understand that every couple has a different vision for their wedding day. Choosing the right videography style is crucial to capturing those precious moments superbly. Here’s a quick overview of the most popular videography styles to help you decide. 

Videography Style Key Features Unique Elements Ideal For
Traditional Formal, posed shots, chronological coverage Timeless appeal, comprehensive documentation Couples want classic and complete coverage
Cinematic High production value, dramatic visuals Creative angles, special effects, music Those seeking a film-like, emotional experience
Documentary Candid moments, minimal interference Authentic interactions, realistic view Couples prefer a natural, genuine representation
Storytelling Narrative focus, personal interviews Personal story, voiceovers, blend of candid and planned shots Couples wanting a personal, emotional narrative
Short Form Concise, highlights key moments Quick, engaging recap, usually under 10 minutes Social media sharing, brief yet impactful summary
Vintage Retro aesthetics, nostalgic feel Film grain, old film effects Those who love the look and charm of classic cinema


This table clearly shows the different videography styles, highlighting their key features, unique elements, and ideal use cases. It definitely helps you make the right decision.

Wedding Videography Packages

When planning your wedding, choosing the right videography package is crucial. Here’s a detailed look at the various packages available and what they typically include.

Types of Wedding Videography Packages

  • Basic Package
  • Coverage: 4-6 hours.
  • Videographers: 1.
  • Edits: Basic editing, including ceremony and key moments.
  • Ideal For: Small, intimate weddings with limited events.


  • Standard Package
  • Coverage: 8-10 hours.
  • Videographers: 1-2.
  • Edits: Full-length video and a highlight reel.
  • Ideal For: Average-sized weddings, capturing the entire day.


  1. Premium Package
  • Coverage: Full-day (up to 12 hours).
  • Videographers: 2-3.
  • Edits: Full-length video, highlight reel, and additional edits like social media clips.
  • Ideal For: Larger weddings with multiple events and venues.

  • Luxury Package
  • Coverage: Multi-day.
  • Videographers: 3+.
  • Edits: Extensive edits, including feature films, teasers, and more.
  • Ideal For: Grand weddings, destination weddings, or multi-day events.

Note: Cinematic highlight (3-5 Minutes), extended documentary-style wedding film edit (90-120 Minutes).

Comparison of Packages

Each package offers different levels of service and coverage. Basic packages provide essential coverage for those with a tight budget or small gatherings. Standard packages add more comprehensive coverage, making them popular for many couples. Premium and luxury packages offer extensive services, ideal for capturing every detail of large or multi-day celebrations. Also, we offer a personalised package for you.

Tips for Choosing the Right Package

  • Assess Your Needs
  • Determine the length of your wedding day.
  • Consider the number of events and locations.

  • Set a Budget
  • Identify how much you are willing to spend.
  • Allocate your budget to prioritise what’s most important to you.

  • Evaluate Coverage
  • Choose a package that offers adequate hours of coverage.
  • Ensure the number of videographers is sufficient to capture all angles and moments.

  • Consider Edits
  • Decide if you want just the essential edits or additional features like highlight reels and social media clips.
  • Review samples from videographers to understand their editing style.

  • Check Reviews and Recommendations
  • Read reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family.
  • Meet with potential videographers to discuss their packages and see if they align with your vision.

Selecting the right wedding videography package ensures your special day is captured beautifully. Be clear about your expectations, communicate with your videographer, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing every precious moment will be recorded.

Modern And Unique Videography Styles

New trends in wedding videography offer fresh and exciting ways to capture your special day. Here are some emerging styles examples:

  • Same-Day Edit: Same-Day Edit shows a highlight reel of the wedding at the reception. This video includes key moments from the day and is edited quickly for everyone to see. It surprises and delights guests, letting them relive the ceremony and other special moments almost instantly.


    • Drone Videography: Drone videography uses aerial shots to create a dramatic effect. Drones capture stunning views from above, uniquely showing the venue and landscape. This adds a cinematic touch, making your wedding video look grand and impressive.
    • A drone capturing aerial footage of an outdoor wedding ceremony
  • 360-Degree Video: 360-degree video gives you an all-around immersive experience. Special cameras record everything happening in all directions, so it feels like you’re actually there, seeing the whole scene. This is perfect for capturing the full vibe of your wedding.

Benefits of Modern Videography Styles

These modern styles have many benefits:

  • Unique Touch: They make your wedding video stand out.
  • Impress Guests: Techniques like same-day edits and drone shots wow your guests.
  • Enhanced Memories: They capture unique perspectives and details.
  • Interactive Experience: 360-degree videos let viewers feel part of the event.

Using these modern videography styles can make your wedding video memorable. They help capture the magic of your day freshly and excitingly. Nowadays, Ireland-engaged couples seem to favor smaller weddings, with 150 guests or less being the plan for 69% of them. 

Actionable Tips for Choosing the Right Videography Style

Choosing the right videography style for your wedding is essential. Here are some actionable wedding video tips to help you make the best choice:

Assess Your Preferences

First, determine what you want in your wedding video. Think about the moments you want to capture. Do you prefer candid shots or posed scenes? Do you want a video that tells a story or highlights key moments? 

Knowing your preferences will help you choose a style that fits your vision.

Budget Considerations

Different styles come with different costs. Basic packages might be cheaper, while cinematic or drone videography can be expensive. Set a budget for your wedding video. Understand the cost implications of each style. This will help you make an informed decision that fits your financial plan.

Research and Reviews

Research is crucial. Look for videographers who offer the style you want. Read reviews from other couples. Check their portfolios to see their work. Reviews can provide insight into the videographer’s professionalism and the quality of their videos. This step helps ensure you choose a reliable and talented videographer.

Consultation and Communication

Once you have a shortlist, schedule consultations. Discuss your vision with the videographer. Be clear about what you want. Share any specific ideas or moments you want to capture. Good communication ensures the videographer understands your expectations. It also helps build a good working relationship.

Picking the right videography style involves assessing your preferences, understanding costs, researching options, and communicating clearly. Following these tips ensures your wedding video reflects your vision and captures your special day excellently.

Final Thoughts

What is the best style among the various types of wedding videography for your big day? Choosing the right wedding videography style is essential for capturing the magic of your special moments. Take your time to explore your options and think about what you truly want in your wedding video.

Don’t rush this decision, ask questions. Assess your preferences, understand the costs, and read reviews to find the best videographer. Good communication with your videographer is key to ensuring they understand your expectations.

At DC Media, we offer a range of videography services to suit your needs. We’re here to help you create a beautiful and lasting memory of your amazing day. Wishing you all the best on your upcoming wedding day. Enjoy every moment and may your day be filled with happiness and joy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Types Of Wedding Videography

What is a full-feature wedding video?

A full feature wedding video is an extended version of a highlight reel, typically lasting between 10 to 20 minutes. This format delves deeper into various segments of the wedding day, including vows, toasts, cake-cutting, and other significant moments.

What is the difference between a wedding video and a wedding film?

“wedding video” and “wedding film” are used interchangeably nowadays. However, some couples prefer “film” to describe a more cinematic, artistic approach to wedding videography. A “film” typically has a higher production value and a more narrative-driven style.

What is a wedding video montage?

A wedding video montage is a fun, music-filled highlight reel of clips and photos from the big day. It’s set to an upbeat song and often kicks off or wraps up the full wedding video, offering a lively snapshot of the couple’s special moments.

Can I create a wedding trailer?

Yes, you can create a wedding trailer. A wedding trailer is a short teaser video that gives a sneak peek of the couple’s big day. Usually, it takes under 2 minutes and is perfect for sharing on social media or attracting new clients for a videographer.

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