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Tips When Hiring a Videographer

Hire Videographer In Dublin – Ireland

There’s no doubt about it. A wedding videographer is a must for your wedding but choosing the right one can be a timely task and should be taken on with a little preparation. Each videographer has a different approach, technique and communication style and while each has its pros and cons, it can take interviewing a few until you find the right one for you and your wedding. While some videographers have a traditional style, some others may be too modern for your taste so it’s important before you interview them that you know what you want.

Here are some pointers and tips when choosing a videographer that should make the rest of your wedding process smooth as well.

Questions of Hiring a Videographer

  • The most important question to start the interview off with is, are they available the day of your wedding. If they are, proceed to the other interview questions. If not, find a videographer that can accommodate you on our wedding day.
  • What do their past clients say? Can they show you testimonials?
  • How many years experience does the videographer have? Is he or she a full time professional videographer?
  • Has the videographer filmed in the church and ceremony in the past?
  • Ask to see samples of their work. This will tell you a lot about their videographer style and what they will and can do for your video, along with your requests in mind. For example, do you prefer a storytelling, traditional video or a more modern, fast paced style?
  • What camera/audio equipment will you use? Do they shoot in high definition or standard definition? Do they use lights? Wireless mics? These are all important questions as this can determine the quality of the finished production.
  • Are they discreet when filming? Do they remain in the background or interact with the wedding party?
  • Is a deposit required? If so, when?
  • How many hours filming does the price include? How much will it cost if I want to go over the allotted time? How to you handle overtime payments?
  • How many DVD’s are included in the price? How much for additional DVD’s for family members or friends?
  • Will the finished DVD contain chapters? Is there a highlight section? What extra do you provide?
  • When can I expect my completed DVD?

Now you can hire an efficient Videographer

These are just a few questions you should as any videographer before booking. While there may seem to be a lot questions, it’s the most important part of the interview because it’s worth the time it takes to find a videographer in ireland that’s right for you. Good luck, have fun and enjoy your wedding!