Telling an Engaging Story in Wedding Videos

Wedding Videos That Tell A Beautiful Story From Start To End

A wedding is a lucrative business for people involved in the wedding preparation. Wedding coordinators, florists, event organizers, photographers and videographers are very in demand during marrying months. But not all couples who are soon to get hitched can benefit with good production of wedding videos as some videographers lack the artistry in creating an engaging story. If you are to scrutinize those videos, most of them are copycats of previous productions. The videos do not have the originality that will differentiate them from one another.

Sequencing the Story in Wedding Videos

It is important that each video you make for marrying couples should reflect their taste and artistry. The overall production does not entirely depend on your preference, but you should be able to incorporate your clients’ needs. Before rolling the camera, you need to talk to your clients and ask them what they want for their wedding videos. Now, it is your turn how to incorporate their insights and create a video that narrates the couple’s love story. To avoid lapses, read the wedding program for your guidance.

Sequence in the videos include:

At the church:

  • Processional march
  • Opening remarks from the officiating minister or priest.
  • Reminder to the newlywed couple
  • Exchange of I do’s
  • Exchange of rings
  • Official pronouncement of marriage
  • First kiss as a couple
  • Closing remarks
  • Recessional march

At the wedding party:

  • Welcome message
  • Introduction of the wedding participants
  • Message from the bride and grooms parents
  • Dinner
  • Cutting of the Wedding Cake
  • Toast to the newlyweds
  • First dance as a couple
  • Throwing of bouquet
  • Tossing of blue garter
  • Message of thanks from the newlyweds
  • Closing remarks

Call a Professional for Perfect Wedding Videos

The wedding video is the most precious souvenir that the newlyweds can keep for a lifetime. The video can be shared with friends and relatives from afar through social media. To have the best wedding videos, get the services of Irish Wedding Films, which is known for its state-of –the art video technology in Ireland. DC Media Productions is a reliable videographer in Ireland that puts the value to your money.

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