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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

At some point during the wedding process, many brides tend to ask themselves if a wedding video is really necessary. After all, they’ve hired their photographer and only have a modest budget, a family member has agreed to film their wedding at no charge with her handy Sony video camera and hiring a professional is just one more thing to add to your to-do list. You wonder how important a wedding videographer is and if you can still have your picture perfect wedding day without one.

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Then you remember a little story your friend told you. She hired her trusting, never-late-to-a-party girlfriend who promised to film a beautiful wedding video for you and at no charge. The problem was, on her way to the wedding (the one she said she would not be late for) her car’s front tire blew out, she dropped the camera as the bride walked down the aisle and by the time of the reception, she was filming friends of the groom while she should have been filming the bride giving her gratitude speeches. Watching her unedited video, your friend wondered if having a professional wedding videographer was the smarter choice, but since she didn’t she had only her memory to rely on for the events of her big day. You ask her what happened next.

Need a wedding video: Why should you hire a wedding videographer to create your own wedding video?

Time passed and she stayed happily married, with children, grandchildren and holidays with joy and happiness and laughter. As those moments pass of their life together she make sure to hire a professional for the births, the reunions, the graduation parties and the anniversary celebrations because she never again wanted to forget a moment. This is when you decide for yourself that you want the toasts, the first dances and the first looks of joy during the reunions captured in a live moment and all done by a professional. What an opportunity to be able to put on your wedding video in your DVD player, press play and watch the more treasured moments of your life play out like a movie. What an opportunity and tribute to you, your husband and the life you’ve built together.

Why should you hire a wedding videographer to create your own wedding video? Because, on your wedding day you deserve to remember every kiss on the cheek, every congratulations that was said, every dance, every vow, and every moment that passed by. With a professional wedding video you don’t have to worry about holding onto any moment because to get it back, just hit play.