What You Need to Know About Wedding Videography

If you are a bride or groom to be you might feel a bit overwhelmed when you type the words “Wedding Videography” into Google! So many choices, so many different offerings and so many different styles. This blog post is nothing to do with any of the aforementioned. It’s simply to do with the basics of wedding videography and why you should consider looking into booking a good professional videographer.

Wedding is one of the occasions that usually comes once in a lifetime; it is a significant milestone in the life of any couple. As a result, plenty of couples plan for elaborate wedding photography to keep the memories of that great day. However, pictures are not enough to achieve this due to its limitations.

Wedding videography offers a great way to create a lifetime memory and cherish the memories of the big day. Videography, unlike photography, captures not only the image but also the emotions of the couple, families, friends, and everyone that attended the special occasion.

A professional wedding videographer will record every necessary detail of the wedding day. The video makes the memories fresh and brings back all the significant moments such as the wedding vows, exchange of rings, walking down the aisle, and so much more. The wedding videographer will capture the sentiments and the joy of the wedding to give a perfect account of that memorable day.

It is recommended to hire a professional wedding videographer in Dublin who will create an excellent masterpiece for your great occasion to capture both visual and audio of the event. A professional wedding videographer has the correct equipment and gear to capture visual and audio of your special day. The videographer will carry out post-production using state-of-the-art video editing applications to produce an excellent video for your day in a number of different formats

Why You Need Wedding Videography

Wedding videography has several benefits.

  1. Wedding photography captures memorable moments you will always cherish. The wedding videographer will cover great memorable moments with audio from the exchanging of vows and rings to the memorable speeches.
  2. Family and friends who shared your special day will be captured in the video, and you can see the feelings on their faces as the rejoiced with you on your big day. Wedding videography captures the laughter and joy of the most important people in your life that helped you celebrate one of the biggest days in your life!
  3. A question I often like to ask couples who might be undecided about wedding videography is this-Would you like to see your parents or grandparents wedding video? Because your children in 20 years will definitely want to see yours! It’s more than just a record of the day it’s a family heirloom!
  4. Wedding videography captures both motion video and sound. Videography re-presents the occasion as it unfolded and creates a realistic feeling of being at the event again. Videography addresses two senses – sight and hearing.

The benefits of wedding videography are immense and can sometimes be overlooked. We hope this blog post gave some insight into how we feel about the importance of this part of the day. After all is said and done you will want more than just a wedding album to remember the day. If you are looking for discreet contemporary wedding videogrpher in Ireland why not drop us a call 087 968 8805 or email, we would love to chat with you!

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